As a young child, we had an old Bible with the most fantastic paintings depicting the stories contained therein. My mother also took me to museums to view the paintings others had created. With those experiences, I developed a desire to paint paintings that would beautify the walls of people’s homes.  These paintings that I saw, drew me in like a good book. I felt like I was right there in the story that the artist created.  In my own  paintings, I desire for  people to feel the story in the painting as well as enjoy the beauty that is brought into their lives and homes.

Art is part of my soul and being.  I must create. I came late to painting, but I always created beauty for my home and others.  My creations are meant to bring peace and beauty into this world of turmoil; they are meant to convey hope and love for the good things in life. Photographs are great for capturing the moment and for telling the story in that particular time and space; however, to me paintings bring not only a moment in time, but also it invites a part of an artist into their lives.

When I paint, I use the pallet of Monet and the Impressionists. I also use the knife as well as a brush.  I use them intuitively.


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